Yoga activates all units of lungs


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Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Yoga is very beneficial for both physical and mental health, by doing yoga, the units inside our lungs, ie alveoli, become fully active. Respiratory specialist Dr Ashish Dubey said this during a discussion with Navbharat correspondent Sushil Kumar Mishra. Excerpts of conversation:
Question: How beneficial is yoga for the lungs?
Answer: By doing yoga there is a lot of benefit in preventing and eliminating lung diseases. The muscles that help with breathing, ie muscles, get strength from yoga and they become strong. When we breathe in a normal way, we do not use 100% units of our lungs, when doing yoga or exercise, 100 percent units are used. 
Question: What is the function of the units of the lungs?
Answer: The smallest unit of the lungs is the alveoli, where oxygen goes and the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place there. They get the direct benefit of yoga. Yoga is beneficial for both our mental health and physical health.
Question: Which exercises can be more useful for the lungs?
Answer: Pranayama Anulom, Vilom, Bhrtika, Sudarshan Kriya and Kapalbhati can be workout to keep the lungs healthy.
Question: What is the role of yoga in health for the patient during Covid and after Covid?
Answer: The breathing problem are coming to fore during and after Covid. Patients who have become negative after Covid are coming to us for treatment, many patients have to give 15 to 24 liters of oxygen per minute and if these people would have been doing yoga then recovery would have been easier.