A team from West Bengal visits State Happiness Institute


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal A delegation of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Khadagpur of West Bengal, visited State Happiness Institute today. The delegation members received information about activities of the institute. The team from Khadagpur was informed that activities of State Happiness Department have started since January. Many activities were held through State Happiness Institute in one year. On the occasion, the team was informed that online registration process has begun for participating in Happiness camps by the state Happiness Institute. Online registration will be carried out for government officers participating in Happiness camps in the year 2018 through Initiative of Change, Panchgani, Pune, Art of Living, Bangaluru, Isha Foundation, Koyambtoor. The arrangement has been made so that government servant (Anandak) get registration him or her self on the institute’s website. People were motivated to donate things of domestic use, which are not necessary for them. The appeal in this regard yielded good result. Different parametres have been set for Happiness index. Efforts are underway to include it in the scheme, by holding an international workshop. Ideas are being received through question to find out which indicator has how much weightage. Initiative has been made to implement measures for increasing happiness in the public through original methods. Director of State Happiness Institute Neeraj Vashisth, Sandip Dixit, Pravin Gangrade, Dr Ashok Janvade, Ambarish Shrivastava, Lokendra Thakkar welcomed the delegation members.