AAP created hope in people: Kejriwal


New Delhi, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday said the party has created a hope in the people that the country can be developed in four years. Addressing the AAP MLA's, ministers and workers on the occasion of 7th National Council meet, Mr Kejriwal said,''We are going to complete four years in Delhi and in these four years we have done so many important works that even governments with a duration of 15 and 22 years have not done. The work which BJP and Congress has not done in past 70 years, we have done the same work in three years.'' ''AAP has developed a hope that the country can be developed, government schools and hospitals can become better, electricity prices can be reduced and can be provided 24 hrs, every household can get full time drinking water supply, farmer suicides can be stopped, agriculture can be improved--this hope AAP has created in the hearts of the people which is a very big thing,'' he said. ''There is still poverty, unemployment, hunger problems in the entire country. The fault is not of the people of the nation but the politics. If have done the development work in three years then I think the entire nation could be developed if there is good governance,'' the CM said. Mr Kejriwal said in past 70 years the country had lost hope.''People had started thinking that nothing could be done. The election result of the three states doesn't show that Congress has won, it shows BJP has lost. People are helpless and they have to choose between the BJP and the Congress. Every time people vote so that party looses, but for the first time people voted AAP and we got 67 seats,'' he said. ''If you ask people today they will say they want AAP back. Delhi doesn't have anti-incumbency but has pro-incumbency. We had the power and we created such an environment that people of Delhi love us. They respect us,'' he said. ''But the Opposition keeps on putting obstacles. Today even the transfer orders of Delhi government officials are in the hands of Centre. Manish Sisodia has done a great work in education sector but the Centre has replaced the good officers and appointed the bad ones instead and same is the case with health department. Only we know how we have tolerated the dictatorship rule of the Centre in past three years,'' he said. Mr Kejriwal also talked about the difficulties their party went through in the past three years. ''We have faced so many difficulties. They made all the efforts with the help of the agencies to put us behind the bars. I went through CBI and police raids both. Centre wants to insult and humiliate us. They called our 400 files but got nothing and today Narendra Modi has given us the certificate of honesty. And if Mr Modi shows his even four files, he will be behind the bars,'' he said.''You have seen our 400 files, at least you should show us the Rafale deal file, Sahara file etc,'' he said. ''So friends, despite these problems we are still fighting against them alongwith serving the people. If you walk on the path of truth then you have to face the difficulties. And this is not only done by BJP but every party is like that. When there is raid on me, then it is Congress who starts celebrating. They all are same and together,'' Mr Kejriwal said.''AAP will be our revolution and we are ready to do anything for its betterment,'' he said. Talking about the arrests of AAP Haryana workers on Friday night by M L Khattar's government, Mr Kejriwal said,''Last night in Haryana, they have arrested our 40 workers. What was the fault of those AAP workers? There was a post that M L Khattar is the Chief Minister of only Punjabis. Mr Khattar during Mayor polls was himself saying that he is Punjabi, so Punjabis give him vote. He himself is spreading casteism and then he arrests our workers.'' ''There is terror in the entire nation. In UP there are several cases of lynching. So there are many challenges in front of us. In 70 years they have knowingly made the people of our country poor, hungry, unemployed,'' he said. ''Our party shows that within a span of four years we can make India number one in the world. We can do it and our AAP party shows this. Difficulties will come and we will keep fighting them and move forward. We will serve the nation till our last breath,'' Mr Kejriwal added.