Action on Goondas


The Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mr.Shivraj Singh Chouhan like film director in film shooting gave a “Action” order to the police to eradicate goondas from the state. Now it is for the state police to give him perfect performance without any chance to retake. Mr.Chouhan gave the police protection against any sort of interference in it by any politicians or anybody else to protect a criminal. He told them to that case the police should inform him the name of those persons who so ever he may be. Now Chief Minister wants action and action alone against criminals. The Chief Minister should also realize that jails are for inflicting punishment in criminal but now all the jails have been converted to reformatory and small scale industries centres where criminals are given jobs and payments made. The criminal do fear jail at all. They commit crimes on the same day of their release or on getting bail. Law should be amended if a criminal repeat the crime he be kept in prison for rest of his life, his property be seized.The whipping of the criminal in the jail and public flogging of them should be provided in the laws.