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Afire These Evils!


Special Editorial

    Afire These Evils!

  Prafulla Maheshwari

Every festival observed in India has its own speciality. Each festival have its own message. It has its own philosophy and its currents along with ancient tales there are sermons to keep the value of life all the time. The Holi festival of hope, faith, joy, happiness and energy is also of jovial mood. With the change of season deviating little from routine affairs we assimilate joyance of it so that we can move with more self confidence towards over targets. Holi has one more vital message to afire evils and evil thoughts. These evils can be in a person, society and system and everybody. At every stage to afire it is necessary otherwise it affects phase of the nation very badly. As far as it is question of if present phase – we have come under the grip of some evils like this which are not only destroying our system and present of the nation but putting question marks on our future. The corruption trapped all from system to unit. The corruption is devouring all the progress that our state and nation have made. On assuming the office of Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi has said neither he will indulge in corruption nor allow anyone else to do it. But from administration to political system corruption has a field day and it appears non is taking lesson from the directive of the Prime Minister. Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Vikram, Rahul Kothari and many such examples exposing corruption that is destroying our system. It is definite without the involvement big bank officers the scam of such dimensions were not possible. It has to be probed at higher level and they be punished. This corruption is more dangerous because people losing faith in the system. Many of time it has come to light that IAS-IPS-IFS big officers escape and clerks, engineer type employees were trapped. After the exposure in the system new laws are framed to improve the working of the banks but in it also they be brought under the provision of fine and sentence, those who are responsible at the higher level. The Government system is unable to fight out real battle against corruption. For many years the enquires go on. The Government must realize that now people will not tolerate corruption and in coming election it will emerge a big factor. Whatever steps the Government take against the corruption it must reach upto the people at every stage. Society should also come forward against the evil. There should be social boycott of corrupt and bribe taking persons. They ought to have sense of shame in them is coming before the society. But is not happening these days. The mounting demands for caste reservation is a cause of main worry before the nation. It is spreading like intoxication in the society. People of spreading these sentiments like fire. It is not proper. Before prohibition we have to prohibit these tendencies, we should observe ‘Holi’ by setting afire these evils, many many greetings to all on the occasion of Holi !!!

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