Agony of Students


The Central Board of Secondary Education leak of examination papers the 28 lakh students all over the country put to harassment for no fault of their own. The Government is beating about the bushes by way of raids and interrogation to trace the persons who managed to secure papers illegally and sold it to students. The CBSE Chairperson Mrs.Anita Karwal has said that they have taken the decision to hold re-examination in the two subjects – Maths and Economics of 10th and 12th class very soon. But the students are demanding either the re-examination of all the subjects be held or none at all. There must have been leakages in all question papers of all subjects. In the era of information revolution and technology the leaked papers must have been transmitted to all over India by way of Fax, Mobile SMS and Whatsapp. It is totally absured to say that the leakage was confined to Delhi alone. The initial reports revealed that the question papers were sold at very high price at Rs.35,000/- The police is doing its job of investigations but the Union Human Resources Minister Mr.Prakash Javdekar and CBSE chairperson should attend to demands by the students. If there is doubt about the leakages of all papers, the doubt should be cleared not by statement and assurance but by action and it can be achieved by holding the entire examinations afresh in all the subjects. According to some medical opinion that due to this bungling in the examinations the stress level of students and gone up by 70 to 80 per cent. The students are highly worried over the next examination. The Congress President Mr.Rahul Gandhi posed a question “how may leaks” – data leak, aadhar leak, election date leak, SSC exam leak, CBSE paper leak. This is what happens when institutions are destroyed. The Minister Mr.Javdekar said that the papers leak have dented the image of the Board. The Human Resources Ministry is in dialogue with foreign counterparts to find an even better system. To end the crime in the education system is a great challenge for us. We will bring necessary reforms within the system. The ministry will go in to the depth of it. The students have claimed that the question papers were readily available encrypted social media apps and sold via Whatsapp. The papers are usually sent to the examination centre around an hour before the examination. It appears that leak was not confined to two papers alone but multiple leakages in other subjects also. It is quite clear that the racket is run by coaching institutes that have taken over entire education system of India under their clutches. In every nook and corner there are coaching institutions. The Central Government and Parliament should frame a law to regulate the coaching education.