Agro losses


The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Mr Shivraj Singh Chouhan has urged the Centre to provide additional financial assistance to the state to protect farmers of heavy loss during to the bumper agricultural production in the state. The Madhya Pradesh is facing a peculiar problem of price crash due to bumper crop particularly in the production of vegetables potato, tomato, onion and garlic. It are being the perishable commodities cannot be stored. The onion and garlic are little bit durable but it need cold storage and adequate number of cold storages are not available. Either farmers themselves throw away these produce or government on relief purchase also throw away tonnes of Onion. There is bumper production problem in a moonge, urud and sosabean also. Madhya Pradesh is a soya state and soyabean is not procuired on support price. The Chief Minister has urged the Union Finance Minister Mr Piyush Goel to include soyabean in the support price system. He pointed to Mr Goyal that state has not received G.S.T. amount of 1000 crores for the month of April-May and it by released early.