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Allegations, counter-allegations begin with polls


Pravesh Kumar Mishra New Delhi: The phase of allegations and counter-allegations has started with the announcement of election dates in five states. Some see politics in the election programme announced by the Election Commission (EC), while some feel the sudden announcement has been made under political pressure. The analysts are making analysis of the sudden move following some clarifications issued by the EC.Congress has alleged that the last minute change made by the EC in the dates has been done to give sufficient time to the PM to enable him to make announcements at Ajmer rally to lure the voters. However, EC has issued clarifications in this regard although it is the prerogative of the EC to make the announcements of the poll dates. However there are allegations that the 25 minute interval between Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan polls is politically motivated. Many political pundits have said the condition of BJP is bad in Rajasthan. Therefore polls in the desert state have been scheduled in the end so that the benefit of political atmosphere in MP and Chhattisgarh could be derived. Congress leaders are saying that the reason in the change in date is not practical and cannot be accepted as reasonable. However, the EC has given its clarification to end the controversy. However, discussions on this issue continue.

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