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Amarnath Yatra


After two days the Amarnath upto the cave will begin on June 28 and it goes on for about a month till the ice melting of ‘Himalinga’. Traditionally for the all years the most of Kashmiri people eagerly awaited it as a biggest and longest religious tourism of the Valley providing them enough income and economic prosperity. Many of them earned so much that sufficed for the whole years very comfortably. But with the Islamic Jihadi terrorism things took ‘U’ turn. Now in religious hatred towards Hindus they tried to disrupt it by attack on pilgrims. Now Hurryiat has said that the period of yatra is too long and it should be curtailed, while in the past they wanted it to continue as much as possible. In all the States of India Government provided lands, funds and all facilities to construct ‘Haj Houses’. Similarly the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Government of Jammu and Kashmir provided land in Srinagar for ‘Amarnath yatra House’. Mehbooba Mufti opposed it on communal lines and Vallay observed indefinite bandh and she sharply divided the Valley for the second time between Muslim and Hindus. First such divide occurred when Islamic fanatics ousted Kashmiri Pandits from Valley, who are still displaced persons living on other states. The Hindu populated Jammu retaliated ‘Kashmir Bandh’ with ‘Jammu Bandh’ and as all roads pass to Valley through Jammu automatically blocked and it amounted to economic blocked of Valley and shortage of all the things there. Under such situation the Government restored land for ‘Amarnath House’. The terrorists have now targeted the yatra in the present phase of terrorism. But this year the situation is different for the terrorists and Armed Forces. The All Out operation of the Army is going on against the terrorists. The Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti is toppled down and the state is placed under the Governor’s Rule there. Now the Amarnath yatra has also become part of Operation All Out. The terrorists will try to show their presence and action on yatra pilgrims and Armed Forces will display their alterness in handlings with the situation. This year the NSG (National Security Guard) are deployed on the yatra routes. It is challenging situation and Armed forces will use occasion to gun down terrorists there, if any. This year the Armed Forces are in full control without any political interference. Despite terrorist activities the yatra is continuing every year with full strength and devotion without any impact on it.

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