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Amit Shah introduces resolution on President’s rule extension in J & K


New Delhi Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday introduced in the Rajya Sabha the statutory resolution seeking extension of President Rule in Jammu and Kashmir by six months and the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation (Amendment) Bill, 2019. Chairman Venkaiah Naidu allowed CPI lawmaker D Raja to move a statutory resolution disapproving the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation (Amendment) Ordinance, 2019 promulgated by the President on March 1. Speaking after intropducing the rsolutin for extenstion of President’s rule and the J and K reservation Bill, the Home Minister, giving the background of implementing President Rule,,said there was no party in the state who had majority to form the government and the Governor also had information about Horse Trading. So the governor recommended for the President Rule. So it was imposed. Speaking about the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation (Amendment) Bill, Mr Shah said, “The vertical reservation is being given in Jammu and Kashmir at 43 per cent. For Scheduled Castes, it is eight per cent, scheduled tribes 10 per cent and for the backward areas 20 per cent, economical weaker sections two per cent and for people who are living on Loc and LAC it is three per cent. However, there was no reservation for the people who are living on international boundary.” He said the hardship conditions are same on all three borders. ‘The three districts of Jammu division including Jammu, Sambha and Kathua had a feeling that the discrimination is being done to them and that feeling was growing stronger. The Ordinance was brought to correct them,’ the Home Minister informed the elders. Further, he added the move will benefit a total of 3.50 lakh population of 435 villages on international boundary. On extension of rule by six months, the minister said, “Since assembly is not in place, the two Houses of Parliament hav to pass it.” On elections in state, he stated that the election commission had talked to all stakeholders including political parties, police, security forces among others and it reached on a conclusion that the polls should be conducted at the end of this year. The Commission also took religiuos festive season into account while taking this decision. Taking part in the discussion on the Bill, Congress’ Viplove Thakur asked if the Parliament election was conducted, why were assembly polls not held? “You (Government) should listen to the voices of Jammu and Kashmir. They want election and also want their own government. You should consider their sentiments. The people want to join mainstream but the government doesn’t allow them to,” Ms Thakur said. Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Ram Gopal Yadav also announced that the party will support the extension by six months of the President’s rule in Jammu & Kashmir which is ending tomorrow. Derek O’ Brien of the Trinamool Congress said that that the region of Leh and Ladakh also be mentioned while discussing the situation of Jammu and Kashmir in the Upper House. He also said that Home Minister Amit Shah went To Kashmir and reviewed the development works and also gave cheques to the families of the BJP worker who were killed but he forgot the families of PDP and NC workers who also lost their lives in different terror attack. “He is not BJP Home Minister but the Home Minister of the Country”, Mr Brien said. BJP member and acting BJP President JP Nadda said that he gave cheques to slain BJP workers’ family as BJP President and not as Home Minister of India and the amount was paid from the party fund. BJD member Prassana Acharya, while supporting the bill said that since the Assembly Election cannot be conducted in day or two, the extension of President Rule is needed. But he also questioned the Government that if the Parliamentary Election were conducted in the state why the Assembly election was not conducted?, the Government should answer this. Supporting the resolution moved by the Government, JD(U) member RCP Singh also wanted to know the Government why the State assembly election was not conducted along with Parliamentary election? The CPM member KK Rages also asked the Government for delaying the Assembly election when it could be conducted along with Lok Sabha election. The RJD member Manoj Jha said that everyone in this House needs to think seriously for the Kashmir. He also said that the when Rajnath Singh was Home Minister he asked him ”You need to decide what do you want, the territories of Kashmir or People of Kashmir or both, if you need both , you need to change the Jammu and Kashmir Policy”. Nominated member Swapan Das Gupta said that he is happy to say that now there are national consensus on ‘zero tolerance on terrorism and any terror attack in Kupwada or Mumbai are being viewed in the same manner.

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