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Amit Shah’s claim of banning cow slaughter if BJP comes to power in Karnataka a poll gimmick


Bengaluru, Karnataka Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy today termed as election gimmick BJP President Amit Shah’s claim his party would ban cow slaughter in Karnataka if voted to power in the May 12 Assembly polls. Speaking to reporters he said India, under BJP rule, has emerged as the second biggest exporter of cow meat behind Brazil and recorded a 14 per cent growth in beef exports. Maharashtra and UP, governed by the BJP are the major exporting states. In BJP ruled Goa everyday 30 to 50 tons of beef is being consumed. Union minister Kiran Rijiju himself claimed that he is a beef eater and no one could stop him. Can Mr Modi stop use of beef in Northeastern states where BJP has come to rule across the region, he asked. ‘’Personally, I support ban on killing of all animals that is used as food. BJP is not committed to it and Mr Shah’s statement was nothing but ‘lip service’ as some BJP leaders owned beef processing centers in UP and Maharashtra. If BJP was so concerned on cow slaughter, why it is not banning it across the country,’’ he asked. Mr Reddy said India had exported 1850 metric tons of beef during 2017 and during the fiscal 2015-16 the earnings from beef exports stood at 26,682 crore. It was expected that India would emerge as the top exporter of cow meat this fiscal beating Brazil. The Congress leader also criticised the BJP president of visiting religious maths during the last few days in Karnataka where he never bothered to visit previously. This was in view of the elections and not that he loves seers who serve the people with dedication. ‘’Mr Shah is a trader. His relation is also with big businessmen in the country. This had led to businessmen like Nirav Modi take huge loans and run away from the country. Karnataka needs no relationship with such people who support defaulting businessmen,’’ he said. He also criticised Mr Shah who said that his party, if voted to power, will hound and punish killers of Hindu people in the state where more than 25 pro-Hindu activists were murdered. ‘’Where is the need for Mr Shah to punish any such persons as Karnataka government has already ensured it by arresting them and initiated court proceedings against them. Actually it is only 10 ten incidents when pro-Hindu activists were killed on religious lines, while the remaining were for personal and other reasons. Why Mr Shah has not spoken about Sangh parivar activists killing 12 members of PFI and SDPI in Karnataka. Is there no value for the lives of these men,’’ he asked. He said unlike BJP, Congress do not believe in doing ‘vote bank politics’. Mr Shah should first teach the Sangh parivar men how to adhere to the law of the land.

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