A.T.M. Problem


The Union Finance Ministry has directed the Reserve Bank of India to ensure proper functioning of the ATM banks and there should not be any difficult of cash in it. The RBI should review the situation to set it right. But on the other hand the RBI has said it supply the currency notes according to the demands and there was no slackness on its part. The Union Finance Ministry said as per it information about 15 per cent ATM were not functioning. In big cities the ATM were corrected soon but in small town and rural areas the ATM were not corrected for long time. Explaining the position the RBI clarified as the Government moving swiftly towards the implementation of project of the digital India the public sector banks have reduced the setting up of new ATM by 30 to 40 per cent. The RBI pointed out that before the demonetisations 17.24 lakh crores currency notes were in circulations now it has come up to 18.04 per cent. The ATMs these days have become soft target to robbers. Even in cities the ATM are not safe. Either ATM are dug out and entire machines are taken away or it were cut out by gas and money taken out from other account by trick or cyber crimes. Even the staff of the agency which keep the money in the ATM keep it in short supply and even placed fake currency notes. At Bangaluru in a busy road ATM. A robber attacked ladu right inside the ATM in the evening peak market hours and robbed her in Bhopal two novice college students caught hold of ATM bank guard and damaged the machine to take out cash but were caught by the police in time. With the increasing number of fraud, tricks and crimes the people are losing faith in ATM. By sitting at home one got a phone message withdrawal of money from his account by someone sitting in some other cities. The digital India should not be pushed before making ATM fool proof. Every day thousands of people losing money at the ATM by fraudulent Means Crimes at the ATM lent be reduced at zero level of response confidence in the ATM system. Now because of the ATM crime the people are not keeping heavy money in ATM.

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