Atmosphere of healthy cleanliness competition in State


Citizens Must Contribute Whole Heartedly to make city No.1

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said ‘Jeevan wahi hai, jo doosron ke liye jaaye’-‘Aise Pramanik Jeevan ka sabse achchha Maapdand Swachchta hai’. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, it gives health, beauty, joy and happiness. He urged that citizens must contribute whole heartedly to make city no. 1. in the Swachchta survey. CM Chouhan addressed citizens in a programme ‘Chai pe Charcha’ organized by Municipal Corporation at Polytechnic Square today. He also volunteered at Polytechnic Square under the Swachchata campaign. Chouhan mentioned that an atmosphere of healthy competition for cleanliness is being witnessed in the state. Strong competition has been seen in big cities and towns. Competition for good cause is meaningful and enjoyable. The atmosphere, surrounding and institutions should be cleaned. Municipal Corporation alone is not responsible. This is our responsibility. Cleanliness can only be ensured with the cooperation of the citizens. Moreover, Chouhan said that cleanliness awareness has generated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachchta Abhiyan. Twenty two cities of Madhya Pradesh were in the list of 100 selected cities of the country in the Swachchta Survey, conducted last year. The first place was bagged by Indore followed by Bhopal. Swachchta Abhiyan has created a new atmosphere. People are now hesitating to throw trash anywhere; they are now disposing trash at the right place. This feeling of responsibility is very satisfying. While praising the enthusiasm and contributions of the citizens of Bhopal in the Swachchta Abhiyan, he congratulated Mayor Alok Sharma. Mayor ALok Sharma stated that the Municipal Corporation is committed to make Bhopal, a clean, beautiful and developed city. Swachchta Abhiyan is transforming into a public movement rapidly. People of various sections and professionals are volunteering at all the main squares of the city to display their commitment. He informed that member doctors of nursing home association are volunteering at the polytechnic square. Similarly, advocates and others are also contributing at other squares. Commissioner Municipal Corporation Smt. Priyanka Das, Members of Nursing Home Association, Citizens and School students also volunteered on the occasion.