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Attack on Terror


The Indian Air Force Miraj jets in the early hours of February 26 smashed the Jaise Mohammad biggest base camp located in Balakot in Pak-Occupied Kashmir, which took the responsibility of Pulwama attacks. In the attack about 400 Jaishe Mohammad activists were killed. Planes dropped heavy weight bomb at Balakot and Khakot. It was pre dawer swoop on terror. The IAF Sakhoi Illyshin and Heron drone planes provided support to Miraj attack planes. It was not a war but pre eruptive non-military action to smash terrorist Jaishe Mohammad base camp. The Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi has said “I want to assure you that the country is safe hand. I swear by my soil that I would not let my country be destroyed. I will not let the country bow down. The main target was Jaba top in Balakot spread over 6 acres biggest training centre of Jaishe Mohammad. The IAF Miraj jets fired space-2000 precisions guarded 1000 kilogram bombs and AGM 142 (Popeye-2) missiles which are built with Israeli technology. The credible intelligence was received that Jaishe Mohammad was attempting another suicide attacks, which made the air attack necessary. The Balakot in Khyber in Frontier province in 64 kilometer from Abottabad where American marine planes killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011.The Indian Foreign Secretary Mr.Vijay Gokhale said that Balakot operation was a non-military preemptive strike and no army faulty or civilian was targeted. The Miraj jets took off from Gwalior Air Base to hit the target inside the Pak-Occupied Kashmir. 12 Miraj jets took part in the action that came 12 days after the Pulwama attack. The strike package was to hit six target in and around Balakot. The six were first hit with one wave of weapons.The second wave was executed once the dust settled after the first hit. The battle damage was 100 per cent. The joy erupted all over the country. The France, Russia and many other nations has asked the Pakistan not to give heaven to terrorists and its fund to carry out terror activities in India and Afghanistan.

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