Before the final verdict on Ayodhya-Ramlala-Babri Masjid the Supreme Court has given a directional strong verdict that “It is a case of land dispute” and will be dealt that way. Giving two weeks time on February 8 for translation of certain document and books the court fixed the next day of hearing on March 14 and ruled that thereafter the hearing will go on daily basis till final disposal. The 3 judge Special Branch headed by the Chief Justice Mr.Dipak Mishra is hearing the appeals filed against the judgment of Allahabad Court, which in its judgment of 30th September 2010 equally divided the disputed land between the Ramlala Trust, Nirmohi Akhada and Sunni Central Waqf Board, the Supreme Court in May 2011 stayed the Allahabad Judgment on being challenged in appeal before the Supreme Court. The Court said it would not allow any emotion or passion in the matter or any other ground except on the title of the land. On this the ancient history, medieval history and records of British period land survey and settlements can only provide something substantial for the court to decade. It can be with the Archaeological survey of India and in British period document. Now it is almost certain that the issue is going to be finally decided in the year 2018. In the first hearing in December last the Sunni Board counsel Mr.Kapil Sibal urged the Supreme Court to postpone this case till the next Lok Sabha election in 2019 on the ground that may cause emotional stress in the society. The Court rejected the plea with contempt then and there. In dealing with the cases the courts do not take any note or cognizance of any issue outside the court. The Court said it endeavoured to scale down passions and tensions generated by the 70-year old conflict. To prevent passions from thumping legal arguments whatever be the case, it is after all a land dispute. There are appeals and cross appeal and the court will decide it as land dispute taking into account the evidence on record and after hearing both sides. The Court will give hearing only to the parties concerned. The other interveners may be heard afterwards at a proper time. Now it can be safely categorized as civil case on Ayodhya Ramlala-Babri Masjid land dispute. Now it is a civil case and civil society must accept the final verdict in a most civil and civilized way. But there is another Ayodhya-Babri criminal case also on the demolition of Babri structure going on in the Lucknow court. Top leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party Mr.Lal Krishna Advani, Mr.Murli Manohar Joshi, Uma Bharti, Vinay Katiyar and few others are accused in it. On this issue now there are one civil and another criminal case are going in the court. The civil case is likely to be decided on this year itself at the Supreme Court. But the criminal case will go on from trial court to many courts further in appeal.

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