Baba was totally opposed to caste system


Shri Sai Amrit Katha

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal On the last day of the five-day Shri Sai Amrit Katha, Sumit Ponda ‘Bhaiji’ said that the humans have to pay for their deeds if not in this life then certainly in next lives.Therefore we should not commit sin and always do good deeds. He said the heaven and hell exist in this world. Bhaiji said India’s caste system was based on the occupation of the people. But during the last 2-300 years, the caste system became totally by birth. He said Baba was totally opposed to caste system by birth. Bhaiji made a very musical and melodious presentation of Palki Utsav (in Shirdi, it takes 3-4 hours to cover a distance of 50 feet from Dwarka Mai to Chawadi). The eyes of all devotees filled with tears as Bhaiji described ‘Samadhi’ by Baba. On this occasion Bhaiji, many committee members and other devotees filled up a resolution to donate their organs. About 50 people filled the resolution. Earlier on the fourth day of Shri Sai Amrit Katha, Bhaiji said Sai had told that leprosy does not spread by touching and today the doctors have also authenticated this. He said it is our endeavour to serve the society while trying to follow the path of Baba and in this direction the leprosy patients from the Mahatma Gandhi Leprosy Ashram have been invited. Bhaiji spoke about the Vedas and the philosophy of Sai and explained the scientific importance of Makar Sankranti. Bhaiji gave very melodious presentation of Sai’s bhajans and Dwarika Mai. The audience was held spellbound by the bhajans. A touching farewell was given on the last day of sai katha.