Backlog of Posts


The Madhya Pradesh Government is having huge backlog of job vacancies. All time right from Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi upto Chief Minister Mr.Shivraj Singh Chouhan is talking laud in providing jobs to the youth of the country but in the other hand thousands of sanctioned Government jobs are lying vacant. After the retirement, death or resignations job are not filled up. The work load on other staff increased. The situation in Education Department is worst. In many schools there are no teachers and post of thousand of teachers are lying vacant. The Government as a show of filling up few post every year. Dozen of time the date of filling vacant post have been extended every year. Lakhs of unemployed youth are in need of employment and Government is filling the vacancies in installments. All vacant jobs should be filled in one go. The DG Police repeated said about large numbers of vacancies in the police it hampering police functioning. There is shortage of IPS officers.