Bairagarh rly station is now Sant Hirdaram Nagar railway station


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Bairagarh railway station has changed the name to Sant Hirdaram Nagar Railway Station. Central railway state minister Manoj Kumar Sinha, BJP MP Alok Sanjar and MLA Rameshwar Sharma inaugurated the new name board on Monday. On this day many social orgnisations narrated the problems which they are facing on the platform. The founder of Sindhi Central Panchayat Nanak Khemchandnani urged minister Manoj Kumar Sinha to develop the station. Panchayat Mahasachiv Suresh said there should be stoppage of Jaipur Chennai, Jabalpur Somnath, Malwa Express and many other superfast trains at Sant Hirdram Nagar. There is no coach guidance on platform number 1 and 2. Passengers have to trouble to catch the train. Passengers miss there train in this kind of situation. He also appealed to increase the reservation windows. Give the order to fix the shadow table on the platform.

Station must be developed like a terminal

There is lot of free land in the northern side of Bairagarh station which is not in use right now.On that land there could be built a new platform. On the new platform should be started new trains for Delhi, Mumbai, Surat and Gujarat. Sant Hirdram should be built like a terminal.

There must be stoppage of 16 trains

16 long route trains do not stop at the Sant Hirdaram Nagar Railway Station. So the committee urged to minister that allow to stop at least 16 long route trains at the Hirdaram Nagar Station.

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