Basmati of MP


Since many years the issue of giving GI Tag to Basmati variety of rice in Madhya Pradesh is pending with the Central Government Agriculture and Processed Food Production Export Development Authority (APDA). It is essential to make the basmati produced in Madhya Pradesh an export item. The three basmati producing states Punjab, Haryana and Delhi are opposing GI Tag status to Madhya Pradesh. In the State Budget the State Government declared its decision to secure branding and marketing of many products of the State like Zari Batua (Purse) of Bhopal, Bati Churma of Malwa, Gajak of Morena, Paida of Bhind, Chirangi barfi of Sagar, Mawa-Jalabi of Bundelkhand, Sarees of Maheshwar and Chanderi, Bagha Print cloth of Dhar, Sev of Ratlam and brass utensil of Chhattarpur-Tikamgarh by the marketing and branding export of these item in home and foreign markets. Madhya Pradesh Basmati Rice is already an export variety but other states are unnecessarily causing the hindrance and preventing GI Tag to Madhya Pradesh to export it to other countries. Madhya Pradesh is at the top in India in wheat variety and it is being exported even to wheat producing country like America being of very fine quality. The soyabean was not an Indian crop. The Indian farmers knew nothing about it. To meet our shortfall in the edible oil India brought and introduced soyabean in Indian agriculture. The Madhya Pradesh and its farmers did miracle now adopting it. It became one of the major cash crop of Madhya Pradesh and its production is highest in India and Madhya Pradesh is given status of “Soya state”.The state is top in wheat and soyabean and it has come up paddy cultivation and producing its rich variety Basmati. Madhya Pradesh rightfully deserve the status of having GI Tag and to export it. The objection raised by the three states of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi is absurd and senseless. It is no plea at all that the Basmati cultivation is recent in Madhya Pradesh. It is not at all a question of time but of quality. The state be judged on quality criteria. Mr.Kamal Nath has taken pledge eradicate food adulteration from the state.  In the recent Government action it came to light that poisonous adulterations in the milk, ghee, paneer, mava, species is going on a very massive scale in all over Madhya Pradesh. The state Government has swing into action and the Chief Minister himself is monitoring it. He should also take the job of getting GI Tag for the Basmati of the State and make it export item.