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Betwa Contaminated


The River Betwa near the City of Vidisha is so much contaminated that the fishes and other aqua life in it have died and accumulated at its ghats Charan Truth and others and emitting very foul smell there. One cannot stand there. The District Administration collected Sampals from three ghats in it found that the dissolved Oxygen level in the Betwa river has gone down from 7 to 3 PPM. The chemical tests are still going on and will come in five days time. The many factories on the bank of river Betwa pour its chemically liquid discharge in the Betwa river. As a practice it accumulate such poisonous waters in its tanks and whenever there is flood like conditions in the river it released in to the river. Till June 29 Friday the water was normal in the river. The people even fed fishes there. But after rains in Saturday with flood in river the factories released its waters into the river and it become deadly poisonous for aqua life and human beings. The Ganga is mainly polluted by leather tanneries of Kanpur and Baruni oil refinery in Bihar. It should be the policy of Government to close or remove all factories located on river banks throughout the country.In the River Action Plan the first action should be remove factories.

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