Beware of China


What has actually transpired between Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi and Chinese President Mr Jinping it will not become public information. But what has filtered out that China wanted to join India in development plans in Afghanistan. Both India and China are so big and strong nations that it can carry out any development plans in any third country by themselves. There appears for by no rationale or basic behind the Chinese discard to have and execute development projects in Afghanistan jointly. Such joint projects will never be homo generous but heterogeneous of discords in the accord and pulling apart. Presently in Afghanistan America is looking after and helping Afghanistan in defence and military matters and against terrorist attacks and India is carious out development project. Afghanistan directly and pointedly blaming the Pakistan for all terrorist attacks on it either ordered by Pakistan or carried out by terrorist based in Pakistan. China and Pakistan both have one common political point among them that is anti India stand and in it are closely aligned. Pakistan has offered its territory and areas in Pak held Kashmir in Chinese economic corroder up to Gwadez port of Pakistan. The China in its policy of expansion what to be present any where. It wanted Afghanistan to join the Sino Pak corridor also want Afghanistan to joined. But the Kabul Government is closely connected with Indian and America in development and military support with US. It can not go far any unilateral decision in aligning with any other country. Like Gwadez China has gained 9 year lease contract with the Sri Lankan sea port of Hambantota, it has sea port on Dijbonti in Northern Africa. Now it want to step in Afghanistan on association with India. India is also having allies awert in Mangolia, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan to keep Chinese expansionist designs dormant and finished. India-China joint development plan propos is nothing but proverbial Chinese deceptions.China if really sincere toward India to develop relations it should deal with and settle bilateral issues like accepting the Mac Moehan Line boundary between India and China. Accept India has soverign rights over Arunachal Pradesh and forgo and withdraw in policy of expanding its maritime boundary in South China sea. Instead of playing sinister politics at should come out friendly towards nations.