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BJP flays Rahul for his 'alternative vision' jibe on ISIS formation


New Delhi, The BJP on Thursday lashed out at Congress president Rahul Gandhi for his remarks in Germany where he allegedly sought to justify formation of ISIS linking it the concept of 'alternative vision' and said any attempt to give legitimacy to terror organisation is 'worrying'. "You tried to justify the terrorism......Nothing can be more worrying and fearsome," BJP spokesman Sambit Patra told reporters here. He said it was "unfortunate" that as lawmaker and as leader of a national party, Mr Gandhi tried to suggest that if minorities in India do not get jobs, "they may have to look for alternative vision...meaning that vision could come from the ISIS". "Mr Gandhi, you giving an excuse for the formation of ISIS......In the process, you have tried to denigrate minorities in Indian," he said. The BJP spokesman said, "Rahul Gandhi has yet again done a Rahul Gandhi.....he has left no opportunity demean the country and presented India in poor light". "It is unfortunate to suggest that the minorities in India will be selling their soul to ISIS......if they do not get jobs," Mr Patra said. The BJP spokesman took strong exception to Mr Gandhi's remarks on 'Indian culture' vis-a-vis the oft-repeated attack on women, and said it only speaks high of 'Indian culture' that a foreign born Sonia Gandhi was given so high position in the society and country's politics that she was "proxy Prime Minister for 10 years". "He could have spoken about mindset...but to speak ill of Indian culture is not acceptable. Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi herself should clarify on this," he said. Mr Patra said when the country is having an overall 'success story' largely due to the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Congress president is only betraying his frustration by such remarks. Mr Patra said the Congress leadership also seems to have a "false estimation" of India and India's potentials, as Rahul Gandhi tried to imply that while the US and China would be dominating the world scene, India can only be a 'balancing factor'. "Yeh apki saoch hae desh ke liye (This is what you think of India's potentials)," he said adding India is "already one of the global leading nations" under the Prime Ministership of Mr Modi. In his address to a gathering at Hamburg in Germany on Wednesday, Mr Gandhi said - "India has a strategic relationship with the United States. India has a very deep, deep, set of ideas that we share with them-- democracy, freedom etc. But India cannot ignore the fact that China is growing extremely fast and he is going to shape the planet. So, to me, India's role is actually to balance these two forces, much like Europe." The Congress president also had said - "If you don't give people a vision in the 21st century, somebody else will give them one and that is the real risk of excluding a large number of people from the development process". The BJP leader said Mr Gandhi in his interactions had resorted to repeated utterances of falsehoods on Dalits and other deprived sections little bothering to the fact in recently concluded monsoon session even new law has been framed."You are telling falsehood outside India," Mr Patra said. He said under Congress-led UPA, MG-NREGA was "a monumental failure" but it now a successful story.He said as high as 56 per cent of employment under NREGA went to women. Similarly, he said while only 11 states benefited from Right to Food Act, now that benefit has percolated down to 36 states and union territories.

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