BJP lashes out at Congress on its 'Rajdharma' jibe


New Delhi,  BJP on Friday lashed out at the Congress for teaching 'Rajdharma' to the saffron party and alleged that Congress president Sonia Gandhi was instigating people. Addressing reporters at the party headquarters here, Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said a delegation of Congress had met President Ram Nath Kovind on Thursday and tried to remind others about 'Rajdharma', but the party should clarify why it changed its position on issues.
'BJP condemns in strongest possible terms the politicking of a sensitive issue when we are trying collectively to maintain peace, amity and restoration peaceful coexistence,' he said. He asked Ms Gandhi to clarify about minority community being persecuted in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
'Soniaji, the first thing you should tell is that your party is thinking about those who are displaced from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, who are being tortured on the basis of their faith. Your leaders repeatedly openly took a stand on this,' he said.

Mr Prasad said Indira Gandhi had helped the Ugandan migrants, Rajiv Gandhi had helped the Tamil people, Manmohan Singh had said that citizenship should be given and Ashok Gehlot then wrote letters to Shivraj Patil and L K Advani that citizenship should be given.
He demanded to know the reason behind the Congress changing its stand today, adding that what Manmohan Singh had done was wrong or work done by Indira and Rajiv Gandhi was wrong. He questioned Ms Gandhi's silence when the children were being instigated for violence against Prime Minister
Narendra Modi in Shaheen Bagh.

'Did your party not understand the need to say that we do not support it?,' he asked.
The Law minister said NPR was started by the Congress government and it was good that that work was started by them but it was finished by the present dispensation. 'Ms Gandhi was instigating people by making comments such as “is par or us paar” made at an anti-CAA rally,' he said, adding that Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi was using the same language. He maintained that this was the time to help create peace and not to instigate people.The reason for this is that the Congress does not forget its defeat, he pointed out.