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Blistering Summer


Entire Madhya Pradesh is under the intense summer spell with highest 44 degree Celsius in Mandla. The capital Bhopal has it own highest temperature up 41.3 degree Celsius. The mercury crossed 40 degree temperature mark all over the State. The hot winds coming from Rajasthan are causing intense heat conditions in the State. South western winds are blowing in the State at the speed of 16 kilometer per hour. The weather office has predicted no respite in coming days. It has warned the scorching heat is set to go harsh and there would be heat wave conditions by month end. The dry weather will persist.All the civic bodies facing the problem water scarcity. The Ratlam as becoming critical. The monsoon set date in Madhya Pradesh June 10 and occurs around it. But if delayed for some time the water scarcity will go critical every where. The wild animals like tigers and other are coming closes to cities and villages frequently a search of water. With the intensity of heat the water evaporation from open water bodies like rivers, dams and talab are very high making dams dry in patches. In the May to June talab campaigns must ensure talab in each drug out before June 10 for storing monsoon waters.The people of urban areas must remain prepared for set in water supply days curtailed.

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