Bogus Voters


It is really a very serious matter that there are about 8 lakh bogus voters in the voter lists for the coming Vidhan Sabha election. There are many such names who have left the place or dead or false names. Even in the recent bye-elections to Vidhan Sabha from Kolaras and Mungawli the Congress pointed out bogus voters in the voters list. The such fictitious name were removed and collector of the Ashok Nagar was transferred. The Chief Election Commissioner of India Mr.OP Rawat in his visit to Indore and Bhopal has accepted such a large number of bogus voters were serious lapse and it being corrected. The State Electoral Officer Salina Singh also said that voters list were being corrected in special campaign. On simultaneous election of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha Mr.Rawat said the Election Commission of India has submitted its opinion to the Government India. For such joint elections laws have be framed or amended. Now time for the next elections to Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram Vidhan Sabhas were very short and such switch over system cannot be carried out in such a short time. That is why there no possibility of such joint elections this time.