Bone marrow transplant of child suffering from thalassemia performed


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Sindhu Sena president Rakesh Kukraja and all the members of the Sindhu Sena welcomed 4-year-old Tarun Paryani, who was suffering from thalassemia, and his sister Tamanna Paryani who donated her bone marrow to him. Sindhu Sena members welcomed the entire family and distributed sweets. On this occasion Tarun’s father Deepak Paryani said Tarun’s bone marrow matched with his sister Tamanna. The successful bone marrow transplant took place at Vellore. He said Tarun has come to Bhopal after six months. Sindhu Sena president Rakesh Kukraja, Sumit Ahuja, Santosh Puri, Rakesh Kriplani, Manish Ramchandani, Avit Advani and others were present on the occasion.