Bunkers Along LoC


The Government is all set to deal with the Kashmir problem decisively with Pakistan. The Modi Government had already decided that it would not talk to Pakistan on Kashmir and deal with the terrorism in the Valley with Army action. Despite severe snowfalls in the Kashmir there is no lull in the Army action there. So far about 300 terrorists were gunned down. The army and the Para-Military Forces are firmly dealing with the terrorist from inside and outside.There are some bunkers on Line of Control where people take shelter in the face of firing from across the border. India has 3323 kilometer long border with Pakistan out of which 740 kilometer is Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir and 221 kilometers International Border (IB). There are almost regular fire on LoC and used for infiltration by the Pakistan. It is reported that Pakistan with the help of China are constructing bunkers on LoC on their side. The India has decided to set up 14,000 bunkers along the LoC to use it for the sheltering the local population and also for military action, if need be. The US has asked Pakistan to ensure that there were no terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. It had submitted the list of 28 terrorist operationing from Pakistan and asked it to take action against them. Now the Pakistan is under pressure from U.S. and India both may proceed against it. The China has given indication that it would help Pakistan in dismantling terrorism but such promises are taken as smoke screen. The China is worried that in case attack on Pakistan from U.S. and India what attitude it has to adopt. In the near future the elections to National Assembly of Pakistan are going to held. This time the terrorist organizations have decided to form political parties and contest elections. Under such situation the Government in a fix how deal with such situation.