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Butterflies add to beauty of Chambal


There is good news for us. There was a time when the Chambal valley resounded with the sound of bullets. But today the Chambal valley is full of beautiful colourful butterflies. The presence of large number of butterflies in Chambal has brought smiles to the face of nature lovers. Over 20 species of butterflies have been seen in National Chambal Sanctuary and nearby areas. The rare gangetic dolphin is the main attraction of National Chambal Sanctuary. The other inhabitants of this sanctuary are magar and gharial, chinkara, sambar, nilgai, wolf and wild boar. Founded in 1979 the sanctuary is a part of a large area co-administered by Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The endangered Gharial finds a home in the National Chambal Sanctuary in UP, with its friend, the Ganges River Dolphin. The National Chambal Sanctuary in UP is a natural reservoir for the marsh crocodiles, swimming eagerly and often prying for prey, at shore while basing in the sun. Society for the Conservation of Nature said the butterflies are a centre of attraction for all including the tourists. The animals found in Chambal were almost on the verge of extinction when they found a natural home here, against the advancing civilization which posed a threat to their existence. Six species of Terrapins are found here, these are the web footed turtles, found mainly in brackish water. It is natural that such a large sanctuary would have a large river or lake to quench the thirst of the abundant animals found here. The avian attraction at National Chambal Sanctuary in UP consists mainly of Black tailed Terns, Red-crested and Ferruginous Pochards, Indian Courser, Pallas’s Fish.

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