Campionites celebrate ‘Principal Day’


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Primary Students of Campion School, Arera Colony bhopal witnessed and celebrated a wonderful “Principal’s Day” in “Loyola Auditorium” on 27 January 2018 in School with full zeal and fervour and spread the message of “Swacch Bhopal Swacch Bharat” through various songs, dances and Skits. Mahatma Gandhi dreamt of an India which was not only free but also clean and developed. Cleanliness was very close to Mahatma Gandhi’s heart. The ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ is a massive mass movement that seeks to create a Clean India. To take this step forward and by keeping this inspirational Abhiyan in their minds students of Primary section presented different programmes based on the Cleanliness on the auspicious occasion of Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., birthday “Principal’s Day”. The programmes began with the Lighting of the Lamp done by Principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., Vice Principal Fr. Ajay Kumar kerketta S.J., Superior Fr. Christdhari Kujur S.J., Primary Headmistress Sr. Pramila A.C., Senior Teacher and Lecturer Mr. Mahendra Kothari Sir along with other dignitaries. Thereafter, a beautiful birthday song “Wish you a Very Happy Birthday” for Principal father sung by the students. After this, to spread a social message “More Plantation” in the society, “Saplings” on behalf of Flower Bouquets and Birthday Greeting cards (made from waste materials to represents Eco friendly); given to the principal Fr. Dr. Athnas Lakra S.J., on his birthday by the primary students of the school. To create the interest and awareness regarding cleanliness in students and society, various songs, dances, skits based on the theme of “Swacch Bhopal, Swacch Bharat”. This is to spread swachhta awareness and implementation across the school and in society with a focus on role of students in taking a leadership role for community led Cleanliness. A meaningful skit based on our Bhopal Municipal Corporation(BMC) Mission “Bhopal No.1” in the manner of cleanliness not only in Madhya Pradesh but also in India is also showed by the students of primary. This skit covers almost every aspect from toilet usage to hand wash and green school. Primary Students observed Toilet Awareness also wherein students need to be made aware about right usage of toilets, maintaining hygiene while using them, reducing wastage of water and proper hand wash. On this Occassion Fr. Principal said that the main objective of the ‘cleanliness inside and out’ – to sensitize and ensure good health and hygiene by providing students and children with awareness on clean and safe environment, personal health, hygiene and good practices including hand washing on cleanliness, in order to create safe, healthy, clean and green environment. They told each and everyone that ‘Swachhta has to become our Swabhav or habit. Now the time has come to devote ourselves towards ‘Swachchhata’ (cleanliness) not only to our motherland but also for ourselves. A clean India is the best tribute we can pay to Mahatama Gandhi when we celebrate his 150th birth anniversary in 2019.