Career counselling and motivation thoughts given to students


  Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The career counselling and motivation thoughts were given to the approx 500 students and their family of Sindhi Society by Sindhu Sena to make their bright future. Sindhu Sena has invited Career Counsellors and Motivational Gurus Mr. Pratik Jain, Mr. Anand Sabdhani,Mr.Rajesh Andani, Mr. Deepesh Pahuja for giving guidance and the secrets to achieve success in their careers. The questions raising in the childs mind related to career were solved and the problems were solved of the parents related to child studies. The children freely expressed the questions and they got satisfactory answers from Mr. Pratik Jain. On this occasion the president of Sindhu Sena Mr. Rakesh Kukreja has said that youth of the country is the future of the country so they should equally involve in studies as well as in sports for the glory of the society. On this occasion the commitment was made by the students for cleanliness and blood donation. All the students present over there listened to Motivational Gurus and get motivated for their bright future and for this program Sindhu Sena was praised. On this occasion Chandralal Chandnani, Santosh Puri,Anil Tharwani, Sumit Ahuja, Ravi Bajaj, Rohit Pehlwani, Vicky Sadana, Depesh Ramchandani, Avit Adwani, Pankaj Parwani,Naresh Golani, Vishal Manwani and thousands of people were present.