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Cattle Menace on Roads


In the entire Madhya Pradesh in all the cities and roads passing through villages on long routes are facing severe menace of cattle standing or sitting in roads. In rainy season it is on highly aggravated form as for the cattle the only dry place are roads. Everyday accidents are taking place with dash against cattles. Recently 2 persons in Bhopal city are persons nearby in Berasia have died as their bikes dashed against roaming cattle in the road. In Bhopal a ‘Goshala’ is set on a very busy cross road between the Government Press and the Press Complex. All the times its cattle are there on road causing much inconvenience to vehicles movement. Mere removing it from the roads will not solve the problems. Such loitering cattle should be shifted outside the cities to places like Delawari near Bhopal. The owners of cattle must be fined heavily on repeat of it be sentenced to jail term. Traffic on roads are getting dense and speedy and cattle menace is a matter of serious concern and must be attended urgently. The district Administration and Veterinary Department must provide help to municipal and panchayat bodies in removing the cattle as permanent solution. Public interest petition is this menace also be filed in the courts.

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