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Centre, State should work together to increase income of farmers: PM


Agencies, New Delhi Prime Minister on Tuesday said the Centre and States should work together to increase the income of farmers. Addressing the National Conference on “Agriculture-2022: Doubling Farmers’ Incomes” in Delhi, Mr Modi stressed upon the need to overhaul agriculture if the target of doubling the income of farmers has to be met. He said the Government is taking decisions from seed to market to increase the income of farmers. He said in this budget, big steps have been taken for the welfare of the farmers and to increase their income. The Prime Minister said due to the hundred percent neem coating of urea, the efficiency of urea has increased. ‘Now the less urea is used due to which money is saved and the productivity has increased. These changes are taking place due to neem coating of urea,’ he said. Talking about Soil Health Card, the Prime Minister said use of Soil Health card in farming has resulted in increase in productivity of grains. He said a study conducted in 19 states of the country has revealed that after the use of soil Health Card in farming, the use of chemical fertilizer has decreased by 8 to 10 percent and productivity has increased by 5 to 6 percent. Talking about irrigation projects, the Prime Minister said the 99 irrigation projects which were stuck for the last 2-3 decades will be completed in due time. For this, provision of more than Rs 80,000 crore was made. By the end of this year, 50 projects will be completed and the target is to complete other projects by the next year. Mr. Modi said Operation Greens, announced in this budget, is also connected to the new supply chain system. As the Amul model is successful in the country’s milk sector, similarly Operation Greens will be beneficial for farmers growing Tomato, Onion and Potato. He said the loan amount for farmers has been raised from Rs 8 lakh crore to Rs 11 lakh crore in this year’s budget.He said due to the hard work of farmers produce of pulses has increased from 17 million tonnes to 23 million tonnes, in the last one year. The Prime Minister said the maximum use of solar energy will increase the income of the farmers. Keeping this in view, in the last three years, the government has approved 2.75 lakh solar pumps for the farmers and due to this there has been lot of saving on the money spent on diesel. He said the Government is working on utilising from agriculture waste. In different parts of the country, this kind of campaign is now catching up which works on putting agriculture waste to good use. Coir waste, be it coconut shells, bamboo waste, residue left in the field after harvesting, all these will increase the income. The Prime Minister said, ‘’How Agriculture Sector Operates, Government is Changing That System. New Culture’’ is being established in Agriculture Sector

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