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Chambal Basin


Narmada is the biggest river and of religious value of Madhya Pradesh. The Kshipra is also religious “Kumbha” river is its length is not much. The river like Chambal, Betwa, Tawa, Ken also big and important rivers in the State. For a long time the Chambal was known for its ravines and dacoits but that slur on its name is fast vanishing. Some part of Chambal basin remain cronically dry . The Narmada Control Board meeting the Chairmanship of the Chief Minister Mr.Shivraj Singh Chouhan has decided that now the drought-affected areas of the Chambal Basin of Malwa Region would not remain dry. The best irrigation initiative micro lift irrigation scheme to lift water from Narmada Basin and provide it to the drought affected areas of the Chambal Basin. The Board is taking measures to use cent per cent Narmada water allotted to the Madhya Pradesh on time schedule. The state has to use 18.25 MAF water till the year 2024. All water utility projects in the Narmada will be ready by the year 2022. The Narmada basin water at the Chambal Basin will boost the crops upto bumper stage. The soil of Malwa region is very rich and fertile it only needs irrigation and that Narmada Basin is going to provide.

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