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Cheating of rupees 2 lakhs in the name of exchanging dollars


Chronicle Crime Reporter, Bhopal, In the name of exchanging dollar into Indian currency the crook cheated rupees 2 lakhs form one currency exchanger. The incident was happened on 21st of May. Kamla Nagar police registered a case of fraud against two accused. According to the police plaintiff Mayur Daswani is a currency exchanger who has an office in Gehukheda on Kolar road by the name Asha Tours and Travels. On 20th May one person called Mayur on mobile and asked to come to Hotel Sayaji to exchange 500 dollars. He told him that he works in Hotel Sayaji as a sales executive. After this deal, accuse once again called Mayur to Hotel Sayaji to exchange 3000 dollar. Mayur reached there, accused made him sit in a restaurant and took rupees 2 lakhs, accused cunningly asked him that he was coming back in few minutes with 3000 dollars. But even after the long time, accused did not come back then plaintiff Mayur asked the staff of hotel Sayaji about the accused. But staff told him that accused person was not the staff of this hotel. Then Mayur realized that he was cheated. Then he went to Kamla Nagar police station and filed a complaint against the accused. Police say that they got the footages of CCTV installed in hotel Sayaji. In those footages, the accused can be clearly seen. In one video the accused is going in a Kwid car with another person. Police told that the car is registered in the name of Manoj Kumar Yaday who lives in Shahjanabad.

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