Cheti Chand celebrated with fervor, Shobha Yatra taken out


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The Sindhis in the city celebrated Chetri Chand on Sunday which coincided with the Ugadi celebrations and other celebrations like Gudi Padva and other festivities. Shobha Yatras of Lord Jhulelal was taken out on the occasion. In Saint Hirdaram Nagar various rituals were organized throughout the day including prasad distribution, bhandara (mass feast) and shobha yatras. The shobha yatra began from Sindhu Samaj Bhavan. Besides Lord Jhulelal, tableau of Sindh’s last king Dahir Sen and Sant Kanwararam were also displayed. Bands, DJ, camels, horses and elephants were also included in the procession. In the evening there was pooja followed by Langar or free community meal. Large number of people participated in the celebrations. The Jhulelal Jayanti or Cheti Chand festival commemorates the birth anniversary of the Sindhi saint Jhulelal or Lord Varun. The day is considered highly auspicious by the Sindhi community who celebrate the occasion with full fanfare as it is celebrated as a New Year. Moreover, the day of Cheti Chand festival is regarded as Sindhi “New Year”. Sindhis follow the “Vikram Sambat” Calendar, which has its origin linked with the Hindu king Vikramaditya. In this calendar “Chaitra” is regarded as the first month which the Sindhis call as “Chet”. Also, every new month in this calendar begins with the new moon; hence, the name of the festival is referred to the Sindhi Community as “Cheti Chand”. Therefore, this special day is not only the birthday of deity Jhulelal but also marks the beginning of a new year.

Temple of Lord Jhulelal inaugurated

Pracheen Jhulela Mandir Trust has constructed Lord Jhulelal’s temple opposite sant Nagar police station. The temple was inaugurated with religious rituals on the occasion of Cheti Chand. Pandit Jai Sharma offered worship to the idol of Lord Jhulelal. Havan and other religious programmes were organized. Pamdit Navin Sharma, Saby Reejhvani, Madhu Chandvani, Ashok Motiyani and others were present on the occasion.

CM Chouhan greets devotees on Cheti Chand

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan extended greetings to devotees on Cheti Chand.Chouhan said that Bhagwan Jhulelal’s birth reminds us of that difficulties can be faced by good deeds. It also teaches us that without hard work, there is no path to success. The Chief Minister expressed the hope that this festival is celebrated in the whole state with enthusiasm and fervour and will strengthen social unity.