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Chidambaram Held


The former Union Home and Finance Minister Mr.P.Chidambaram was arrested by the CBI on the night of August 21, 2019 from his Jor Bagh residence in Delhi in a very dramatic situation. He was brought to CBI headquarters in custody and after some questioning he was arrested.  The Charge against him that he misused his position as the Finance Minister to help a lady Indrani Mukherjee in a money laundering of 305 crores of rupees. He directed her to approach his son Karti for settlement. Mr.Chidambaram tried to get anticipatory bail against his possible arrest at the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court but could not get it. In the same case his son Karti also could not get anticipatory bail from Madras High Court and was in prison for 23 days. Both the father and son are facing charges in the same case. It is said that the CBI case is entirely based on the testimony of Indrani Mukherjee. Now she is the Government approver in the case against Chidambarams. This is the knot in the case and point of dispute between the parties. Mr.Chidambaram said that he never met Indrani Mukherjee and hence no question of directing her to meet his son Karti. Indrani Mukherjee is a dubious character. She is accused in criminal case of murdering her young grown up daughter. It is a paradox in a case that Mr.Chidambaram is a former Finance Minister who was responsible to check economic and financial offences, now himself an accuse in economic offence case along with his son. He had been Union Home Minister also who was boss of the CBI. It was during his term that the new CBI headquarters was inaugurated by the Congress led UPA Government Prime Minister Mr.Manmohan Singh and he presided over the function. Now he was taken to this building as an accused and arrested there. Now the Modi Government Home Minister is Mr.Amit Shah and boss of CBI. When he was Home Minister of Gujarat the CBI arrested in a case. The incidents are not contradictory of funny but perfect system of functioning of the Government. This proves that civil and police services is our system of democracy are kept aloof from political spheres and it are not at all affected by change of Government among the political parties. The civil and police staff discharge and perform their duties without any political pressures or considerations. But the political parties appear to be dishonest and politically immoral in its assessment of CBI and system of governance. The Congress and the BJP both have come in and moved out of Government several times, when it are an opposition they assail and accuse the CBI and the Government of using CBI to launch political vendetta against opposition. But when it was in power its Government were also accused by the then Opposition with the same charges Government. Both the parties when in power defend the CBI that it was impartial and honest in working.Neither Congress or the BJP when in power never tried to make CBI autonomous constitutional body to make it independent organization. Now both Congress and the BJP are morally bound to make CBI constitutional autonomous body to acts its own.  Presently the CBI is police department of Central Government and functioning like other departments in subordination of the Government.

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