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Child Abuse Case


What is the sense behind and what purpose it will serve the Supreme Court directing the High Court on fast-track to deal with the cases under the POCSO (Protection of Child from Sexual Offences) Act, when there are no fast-track sentence and punishment also. Mere trial and conviction is meaningless unless punishment are not carried out. Years back it was the Nirbhaya Gang rape case of New Delhi that shock the nation and Government and society became conscious about growwing number of rape crimes. But despite the death sentence confirmed by the Supreme Court the execution of Nirbhaya rapist still not carried out and they are prisoners in Tihar Jail. In most of such rape case the instant demand of the people are ‘hang the criminal’ but it is the society that is hanging in unending wait and culprits are not hanged. There are many cases of heinous crimes in which death sentences are not carried out. It is high time when the people should be informed what and why there is so much delay in carrying out the death sentence in Nirbhaya Case and how much more time it will take to send them to gallows. Even the Parliament let down the people in extra ordinary criminal delay in passing the Act to deal with the Juvenile criminal in heinous crime. As a result the most barbarous criminal in the Nirbhaya case was let off despite midnight hearing by the Supreme Court in urgent hearing plea of social and women organization to prevent the release of the Nirbhaya Juvenile convict. The Fast-Track Court will be meaningless without fast track punishment also. The appeals against the fast-track court cases should also decided and disposed off as the fast-track hearing in the courts of the District and Session Judge Court, High Court and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court directive to High Court should be comprehensive from fast trial to first appeal and fast execution of the sentence. The Nirbhaya case is very hurting. The act of rape of Nirbhaya tormented the society and delay in execution is much more tormenting. The law and procedure is protective to criminal and hurting and offending the society. The Supreme Court has directed the High Court to set up panel of three judge to monitor fast-track court trial and directed all the DG Police to ensure expeditors probe into POSCO cases.

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