Child artists win audience’s hearts with their acting skills


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal A play “Vatno Pakko Chor” was staged at MP Tribal Museum on Friday under its series ‘Abhinayan’ by the child artists of Bhopal. The play, based on the story of Vijaydan Detha, was staged under the direction of Pravin Chaubey. The main character of the play Satwadi is a thief. He commits thefts but is a person of principles. He wants to become a disciple of Babaji. Babaji agrees to make him his disciple but says he would first have to give up thefts. But Satwadi refuses. However he makes five promises to Babaji including the promise to never tell a lie. Satwadi accepts a theft he committed and wins the queen’s heart with his truthful nature. The queen proposes to marry Satwadi. But Satwadi remembers the promise he made to Babaji not to become the king of a state. So he refuses queen’s marriage proposal. Angered over this, the queen throws him into the prison. When the king learns about this he releases Satwadi from the jail and makes him the Diwan of the kingdom. The child artists presented the play beautifully with Nimari folk songs. They won audience’s hearts with their acting skills.