Children enjoy stories, film on Day 3 of Lokrang


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal On the third day of Lokrang, tales, stories and films for children were presented. Renowned story teller Prakash was invited on the third day. Prakash is a Bhopal resident and he has written excellent stories for both children and adults. Large number of children gathered to listen to his stories. Prakash narrated five stories as well as an inspiring incident from the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Two of Prakash’s favourite character Haji and Naji figured in his stories. Children enjoyed a lot and clapped while listening to Prakash’s stories. Later a children’s film Charandas Chor in the next session. The film’s main character is Charandas the thief. After swearing to always tell the truth is adamant in his resolve to follow it. Before committing any theft he tells his victims of his true motives. He scolds his loyal partner Buddhu whenever he lies. In the course of his profession as a thief, he encounters rulers and artists, businessmen and religious gurus, each of whom ironically pale before the honesty of Charandas – the thief. Told with rare humour and simplicity, this masterpiece written by the legendary Habib Tanvir and Shama Zaidi and directed by Shyam Benegal, is a laugh-a-riot fun for the young and old alike and tacitly satirizes society by pitting an honest thief against dishonest citizens.

Lokrang continues to woo art lovers

For the 33rd year in a row, Lokrang continues to woo the art lovers in city with its utmost perfection. Earlier, Day Two of Lokrang was a tremendous hit which a plethora of colourful performances by tribal, folk as well as international artists. Among a bunch of attractive performances, the best received was the dance-cum-juggling act by French artiste Francois Chat. Chat, who learnt to juggle at the age of eight, now couples the art with music to communicate with the audience and present the emotions of the performance effectively. Based on the poem ‘Rite of Spring’ composed by Igor Stravinsky in 1913, Chat mesmerized the audience with his act called ‘Le Sacre du Printemps des Rues’, conveying the emotions of ‘rebirth’ and a ‘new beginning’. Other performances of the evening on Day Two included a ‘koldehka’, a tribal dance by the Kol tribe of MP, ‘saila nritya’ of Gond tribe and ‘ghasiyabaja’ dance of Madhya Pradesh. Folk dances from other states including ‘sapera’, ‘bhawai’ and ‘nritya’ from Rajasthan, ‘ruf’ from Kashmir, ‘maruni’ from Sikkim, ‘dhangiriraj’ from Maharashtra, ‘karma’ from Chattisgarh and tribal dances from, Nagaland were performed by natives. Lokrang Samraoh, the annual state festival of Madhya Pradesh was inaugurated by newly appointed governor Anandiben Patel on Friday. She also conferred the prizes to the participants of the Republic Day parade.