Children enjoy various games at Kiddie Olympics


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Asnani School organised Kiddie Olympic for Students of Nursery to Grade 2, to keep the kids active and fit. Different games and activities were performed by kids. The day began with a welcome speech by Ms Shewta, followed by different track events, games built on fundamental movement skills that are age appropriate to students and which they have learnt in physical education (PE). Prop race for Nursery, Hurdle Race for Prep I , Sack Race for Prep II and Relay Race for Grade 1 and Triathlon for Grade II. There were games for the parents as well including backward running and much more. It was a wonderful time spent on the tracks and field by kids as well as parents. Asnani School believes that physical exercise for the little kiddies is very important and makes sure that everyone is having fun, including students who aren’t really sporty or lack confidence. The aim is to encourage young kids of all ages and abilities to try new sports and be sound physically as well as intellectually. The winners were given medals and certificates for their performance.