China's Designs


China besides its ambitious of dominance in Pacific Ocean is trying hard to gain access in other oceans and sea. It has adopted strategy of economic colonialism by way granting huge economic and financial aid to underdeveloped nation and seek advantage in return like a traditional exploiting money lender. It gave massive economic aid to Sri Lanka and developed a new seaport at Habantota located in Indian Ocean. When the Sri Lanka could not repay the loans to China it in a sinister way sought the control of Habantota seaport on long 99 years lease. The loan given to Sri Lanka are adjusted in the lease money. In Sri Lanka there is political fury in this deal. It is termed as sell out to China. In 99 years the Habantota area will become an Chinese colony. Likewise the China has got foothold in north eastern Africa by getting operational control on the Digbouti seaport. It is giving economic and financial help to Pakistan and in return it sought its land for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to provide access to China in Arab sea in its Baluch province. In the corridor region in Pakistan the China offered the economic aid to Pakistan of14 billion dollars and construct the Bisamet-Basha dam. But it put up a condition that China will hold ownership right on the dam. This frightened the Pakistan of Chinese design to have ownership in the Pakistan. The Pakistan also feared that like Habantota seaport in Sri Lanka the China has design to gain total control Gwader seaport and entire economic corridor. The China is pushing its economic bases in foreign countries to colonise these nations. The China has set eye on Afghanistan to include it China-Pakistan economic corridor and under Indian influence and American presence in that country it may not be able to rope in Afghanistan. India has developed a seaport at Chabchar in Iran. It is very near to Afghanistan and India is carrying out its trade with Afghanistan from Chabahar seaport. The China has approached Iran to link Chabahar port with Gwador port.