City gears up to splash colours all around, Holika Dahan today


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The city is gearing up to celebrate Holi — the festival of colours and citizens were seen thronging shops to buy ‘pichkari’ and ‘colours’ in markets.The Holika Dahan, the public lighting of the bonfire on Holi, will be held at a number of places all over the city. The colours have been unpacked, ‘pichkaris’ have been set and the excitement is running through the veins of the city to celebrate Holi on Friday. The beginning of a new season is signified with the riot of colours. Pampering the senses with myriad colours, meeting people, gulping glasses of thandai and jiggling to the heart’s content and many more form part of the Holi celebrations. For the city revellers, the occasion seems to be just another excuse to catch up with friends.