Cold Conditions


With the Himalayan icy winds there are sharp drop in temperature in the state. In Bhopal it dipped by 10 degree. The temperature of day and night are around 16-18 celsius. The winds flowing 14 to 15 kilometer per hour. The sky is cloudy and late winter rains may occur. Generally the times of winter rains in the Madhya Pradesh is late December and early January. But if rains late now in February it will play double role in agriculture. The crops of late sowing will be benefiting but the crops of early sowing like channa, masoor and wheat will be damaged. These crops are having seeds in it. The rains will spoil it. After Basant Panchami flowering of mango trees have also started. The sharp winds and rain will harm it very badly. In the districts of Vidisha, Sehore, Raisen, Betul there were dazzling and in a day of two it may rain there.