Colonies Illegal


The Gwalior Bench of the Madhya Pradesh High Court declared the State Government decision itself illegal which declared the illegal housing colonies as legal. The previous Bhartiya Janata Party State Government of the Chief Minister Mr.Shivraj Singh Chouhan legalized about 6,000 illegal colonies as legal. During the court proceeding it was said that there was corruption of Rs.25,000 crores in the deals. There are about 7500 illegal colonies in Madhya Pradesh out of these 5000 colonies have been legalized. Now with the Gwalior Bench decision all are illegal again. There are 350 illegal colonies in the capital zone of Bhopal. The courts and the general public fail to understand how such colonies of high rise buildings in spread over areas can be constructed without coming into the notice of Chief Minister and Ministers and officers. The court struck down the clause 15-A of the Municipal Corporation Act. It also directed Government to proceed against the officers responsible for allowing such illegal constructions to go on with total immunity of laws. It said the action should be taken against Deputy Collectors of that circles, Tahsildars, Revenue Inspector and the colonizers of the illegal colonies under Section 292 of the Municipal Corporations Act. It carries the punishment upto 3 years and fine. The illegal housing colonies are racket all over the country with open elements of the corruption in high places petty officers like Deputy Collectors, Tehsildars, Revenue Inspectors are not the real culprits, it is totally game of political corruption at the ministers level. Officers has no independent role in it. They are just tools in the hands of big wigs. Most probably they were under the instruction to over look it. In national capital Delhi there is a giant housing company “Amrapali”. It is a den of corruption and now under the clutches the Supreme Court. Its directors are kept in prison like Subroto Roy of Sahara was kept in confinement of Jail and asked to clear off all the payment de on public and other institutions. While Mayawati was Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh she acquired the lands of peasants and other person along the sides of the Yamuna Express Way under the emergency clause of land acquisition on the name of public importance. But later all such lands were sold to private builders under the corruption in high places. The Supreme Court directed the demotion of constructed works on such land and remaining vacant land be returned to person from whom it was acquired. Later a formula was worked out that the builders would pay compensation at the market rate on such acquired lands. The Court should ensure besides civil servants the persons of political offices and leadership should also be put on trial and punished.