Colourful start to Tribal Museum foundation anniv


   Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal, Tribal artists Bhuri Bai, Arjun Singh Davai and Principal Secretary of Culture Department Manoj Shrivastava opened the five-day long grand event of 5th Foundation Anniversary of Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum began from Wednesday. To begin with the event, the winners of painting competition of international heritage day were awarded. Following the distribution of awards, a dance show was presented in the form of ‘Dadur’ based on rain songs. It was directed by Ritushree Chaudhary. In this dance drama, people were praying for water and rain on the hot land from the heat. The presentation started with the plea of the artists. In this presentation, problems caused by lack of water and water supply through many songs of the people and the couplet, were shown very prominently in the direction of director Ritishree on stage. After the presentation of Dadur, artists from Manipur and Mizoram performed dance performances. First of all, artists from Manipur presented ‘Shim Lam’. ‘Shim Lam’ is actually a folk dance of Kabai Naga tribe. This dance is done in relation to renunciation and after the harvest, this dance is performed by the Kaabui tribe. Following ‘Shim Lam’, artists from Mizoram presented ‘Cherav Dance’. ‘Cherav Dance’ is the traditional dance of Mizoram. This dance is often done on the sound of bamboo. In which men perform bamboo in traditional clothes and women dance. After the Cheruv dance, ‘Kata-Banu Lam’ was presented by the artists of Manipur, this tribal dance style is performed by unmarried men and women.