Community interaction is must for promoting quality in higher education


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal With an objective to stimulate a nationwide dialogue for promotion of quality in institutions of higher education, BSSS organised a national seminar on role of IQAC in enhancing the quality of higher education. The seminar is being organised by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the Bhopal School of Social Sciences (BSSS). Coordinator of the cell Dr. Sheeba Joseph briefed the objectives, scale and scope of the seminar during the inauguration of the seminar. “IQAC is doing a lot of good work in promoting quality in higher educational institutions, but it is not being pitched properly and still many people are not aware of the role of IQAC in bringing in the quality in higher education, that is why it is necessary to have such dialogue in the country” said. Dr. Joseph. Prior to this, the gathering of the esteemed academicians and thinkers was welcomed by Dr. Fr. John PJ, principal of the BSSS college. In his welcome address, Father John mentioned that being an administrator it is his core responsibility to ensure quality at all levels in the institution and BSSS has continuously striving for that. He said that I am happy to mention that name of BSSS has somewhere become the symbol of the quality. In the long run quality is the only thing that survives and sustains the institutions. Vice Chancellor of the Barkatullah University (BU), who was chief guest, while inaugurating the seminar stressed upon the need of developing a new set of parameters that is contextual to the area where higher education institutes are operating. He said that a college operating in a remote underprivileged area can not and should not be judged with the same yardstick that is used for judging the institutions operating in urban areas. Honourable Vice Chancellor was of the view that project work should be made compulsory to all the courses regardless of the discipline of the study be it management, engineering or social sciences.