Complete construction works of Eklavya Schools



Tribal Welfare Residential and Ashram Educational Institutions Society’s meeting concluded

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The 31st meeting of the Board of Directors of Madhya Pradesh Tribal Welfare Residential and Ashram Educational Institutions Society took place under the chairmanship of the Minister of State for Tribal Affairs Shri Lalsingh Arya today. Shri Arya said that the undergoing construction work of Ekalvaya Schools at Budni (Sehore), Alirajpur, Badwani, Dhar and Khargone should be completed by August 7. He directed that approval must be obtained in advance from the department for works being undertaken by the contractors. MoS Shri Arya has told that besides Ekalavya Vidhyalaya, other special institutions like Kanya Shiksha Parisar, Adarsh Avasiya Vidhyalaya, District level Excellence School and Divisional level Residential Gurukulam Vidhyalaya and Ekalavya Vidhyalaya of special backward tribe should be included and to include two non-government members in the board of directors for new bylaws besides rules and instructions. He further mentioned that one male and one female teacher should be included in the board of directors being formed at the state and district level. Moreover, Shri Arya gave instructions that the joint meeting of the officers of scheduled caste welfare and tribal affairs department along with school education department in connection to teachers should be organized. Similarly, meeting of departmental principals should be held. Arya gave directives that LED TV and water purifier should be installed in Ekalavya Adarsh residential schools. Documentaries focusing inspirational national heroes should be exhibited in schools from time to time. Their quotes will be relayed daily in schools. He directed that remuneration to sanitation workers, cooks and security personnel should be paid on time. Furthermore, Shri Arya said that the honorarium of guest teachers should be increased from Rs. 220 to 300 per period for teaching work in Ekalavya Adarsh residential schools. Rs. 200 and Rs. 150 for toiletries should be fixed for girls and boys respectively. He stated that a list of useful books from the prescribed curriculum should be made available to the students. Along with this, hobby test of the children must be conducted. Minister of State Shri Arya stressed to encourage gardening in campus. He said that maximum plantation should be carried out during the rainy season. Encourage gardening and horticulture so that fresh fruits and vegetables could be made available to the students. Shri Arya mentioned that requirements of all the places should be assessed in the prescribed format. Commissioner Smt. Deepali Rastogi and other members of the board were present in the meeting.