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Cong releases video sting of currency exchanged at BJP HQ post noteban: Cong


New Delhi, Releasing another in the series of stings on the allegedly illegal exchange of notes involving BJP leaders following demonetisation, the Congress on Saturday accused the BJP and Railway Minister Piyush Goyal of being involved in currency exchange at the party headquarters after the high value notes were banned on October 16, 2016. Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Saturday released three videos here, showing the involvement of Iqbal, a retired person from Jammu and Kashmir police, Sanjay Patole serving sub-inspector of Delhi and currently PSO of Supreme Court Judge, who was also BJP security guard and investigative journalist Karan. Addressing a press briefing here, Mr Sibal said, "Piyush Goel was the treasurer and he used to call at the intercom that specific vehicles should be allowed to enter the BJP office without checking and BJP has a strong room on 1st floor and Amit shah used to come and these things were going on." "When demonetisation was announced, Modi said it will reduce counterfeit notes, eliminate Terrorism and black money will be curbed but no objective has been achieved," he added. Mr Sibal said that in 2014, Mr Modi had claimed that he will bring back black money deposited in Swiss Bank accounts "but in 2017, one year after demonetisation, about 7,000 crore was deposited in Swiss banks in Zurich." The senior leader further added, "Mr Modi claimed that main purpose of noteban was to create a cashless society, but on the contrary, in 2016, cash in circulation was 17.97 lakh crore just before demonetisation. Today it is 21.42 lakh crore, which means, after demonetisation, there was nearly 3 lakh crore increase in cash in circulation." The video showed Sanjay even taking Karan inside the BJP headquarters through the back gate, on the way pointing out the way that BJP President Amit Shah used to come in regularly but secretively and incognito when he was wanted by the law. Sanjay also discusses the currency exchange work to be done and also how a couple of retired IAS officers used to cooperate for the currency exchange work . Rahul Ratharekar, who figures prominently in some of the videos, is heard saying that currency notes were printed in Russia six months prior to demonetization. Mr Sibal said demonetisation was the biggest political scam, India has ever seen. 'The victims were the hapless 1.25 billion 'aam janta',' he said.

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