Cong stages walkout in MP House over regularisation of ‘swasthya karmis’


Agencies, Bhopal, The principal-opposition Congress today staged a walkout in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly being dissatisfied with Health Minister Rustam Singh’s reply over the ongoing strike by contract ‘swasthya karmis (health officials)’. Raising the issue during the Question Hour, Mr Surendra Singh Baghel (Cong) said that the regime has turned a blind eye to the demands of ‘swasthya karmis’ forcing them to go on strike over and over again. He said that the dispensation had promised them last year that their demands would be fulfilled but failed to do so. He demanded that Government fulfill their demands – including concerning their regularisation – at the earliest. In his reply, Mr Singh said that the demands of ‘swasthya karmis’ are fulfilled from time to time. “Examinations are carried out for regularisation wherein ‘swasthya karmis’ are accorded priority through bonus points,” he said. The Minister said that ‘swasthya karmis’ go on strike repeatedly despite all the measures taken by the regime thereby paralysing health services. ‘Swasthya karmis’ should take the route of dialogue instead of holding agitation. Dissatisfied with his reply, Congress members created a ruckus and staged a walkout in the House.

Women’s safety issue echoes in MP Assembly

The issue of women safety reverberated in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly again today. Raising the issue during the Zero Hour, Dr Govind Singh (principal-opposition Congress) said that a rape victim committed suicide in the Home Minister’s native district yesterday. Three rape victims committed suicide in the past five days. He said that girl students are leaving Bhopal due to atmosphere of fear. Mr Nilesh Awasthi (Cong) and Mr Lakhan Patel (ruling Bharatiya Janata Party) raised the issue of water crisis. Mr Awasthi urged the regime to dig new bore-wells and make available two submersible pumps in every village.

Rule compliance at pathology collection centres to be probed

Madhya Pradesh Health and Family Welfare Minister Rustam Singh today assured the Assembly that an investigation would be carried out to ascertain whether rules are being followed at collection centres of pathology laboratories. Raising the issue of alleged irregularities in pathology laboratories during the Question Hour, Mr Kalu Singh Thakur (ruling Bharatiya Janata Party) said that rules were being flouted at blood collection centres. Mr Singh said that a laboratory could not registered without a pathologist. Separate rules exist for pathology lab and collection centres. Mr Shailendra Jain (BJP) said that technicians are not available at collection centres. The Minister said that he was not aware of the situation and would get the matter examined. Replying to a query by Mr Ramesh Dubey (BJP) during the Question Hour, Mr Singh assured to remove the doctor posted at Chaurai in Chhindwara within 12 days. Mr Dubey said that the doctor posted at Chaurai commutes from Chhindwara every day. In response to any query, the doctor’s only reply was to have him transferred. Replying to another query by Mr Hitendra Singh Solanki (BJP) during the Question Hour, the Minister said that the regime has requested the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission to fill 1,400 posts of doctors. Replying to another query over costly food at private hospitals by Mr Yashpal Singh Sisodiya (BJP), he said that the rate list is decided by the hospital concerned and the regime has no intervention in the matter whatsoever.

No progress in setting up steel plant in Bundelkhand

Ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member Lakhan Patel today raised, in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly, the issue of no progress in the setting up of a steel plant in the Bundelkhand Region due to the alleged apathy of the Industry Department. Raising the issue through a calling attention notice, Mr Patel said that the District Commerce and Industry Centre, Damoh, had allotted land to a company for mining iron and setting up a steel plant but no progress has been made thus far despite the lapse of several years. In his reply, Industry Minister Rajendra Shukla said that the company has submitted an application for mining lease (ML) after prospecting license (PL). This indicated a probability of obtaining iron ore from the land. Thus, the company would be granted another opportunity.He said that another company would be invited if no progress is made again. Earlier, Ms Hina Lakhiram Kanwre (principal-opposition Congress) raised the issue of power being supplied in two shifts in Balaghat. She said that the present arrangement was creating difficulties in irrigation. In his reply, Energy Minister Paras Chandra Jain said that technical difficulties exist in changing the present arrangement for supplying 10 hours power in two shifts for agricultural purposes. Adequate power was being supplied and no separate provision could be made.