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Congress calls on Mr Modi to do some plain speaking on Doklam


New Delhi, As Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached China for a two-day visit to Wuhan for informal talks with Chinese president Xi Jinping, the Congress on Friday called on him to remember his duty to protect India’s strategic interests and question Beijing on occupation of Doklam, an issue that impacts India’s national security. In a statement issued here, AICC media incharge Randeep Surjewala said, 'as Modi ji 'hugs' his friend, President Xi Jinping today in Wuhan, China, will he remember his innate duty to protect India’s strategic interests and question China on occupation of Doklam impacting India’s national security?' In the statement, Mr Surjewala slammed Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj for their failure to confront China on creation of a ‘full-fledged Chinese military complex’ in Doklam, right up to 10m from the Indian Army post, during their visit to China from April 20 to 24. 'Does the PM accept the failure of his Cabinet Ministers (Defence and External Affairs Minister) to confront China on creation of ‘full-fledged Chinese military complex’ in Doklam right up to 10m from the Indian Army post, during their visit on April 20-24, as an abdication of their duty to the nation?' India is facing an increasingly aggressive China that has intruded into the ‘Chicken Neck’-Siliguri corridor by building a new road through South of Doklam (Gateway to the North East), but why is Modi Government clueless and incapable to send a strong message to China?' Mr Surjewala asked. Claiming that the latest ‘satellite imagery’ from Google Maps of April 25, 2018 showed creation of additional structures by China metres away from Indian Army posts, Mr Surjewala asked ,'has PM and Defence Ministry taken note of it? Will PM Modi take up the issue in the ‘summit’ with Chinese President today in Wuhan, China?' Mr Surjewala expressed the hope that Mr Modi would, during his meeting with the Chinese President, do some plain speaking on Doklam. 'Modi ji may not be able to show ‘red eyes’ as he loftily promised, but will he show the courage of conviction to do plain-speaking on Doklam and defend India’s interests ?' Mr Surjewala said. The PM is on a two-day visit to China to hold informal talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping.  

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